K – The Guardians of History   [ 2015 ]

Continua il successo internazionale di K – I guardiani della storia, il primo romanzo di Elisabetta Cametti esce anche in lingua inglese, con il titolo K – The Guardians of History (Amazon Crossing).


La versione inglese del suo primo romanzo K – I guardiani della storia (Giunti Editore) arriva nelle librerie di Regno Unito e Stati Uniti nel novembre del 2015.

“As the general manager of 9Sense Publishing, one of the most powerful publishers in the world, Katherine Sinclaire is used to high-stakes intrigue.

But she faces a new kind of trouble when she receives an urgent call from 9Sense CEO Bruce Aron. Arriving at his office, Katherine discovers a gruesome sight: Bruce’s fatally wounded body, seemingly done in by his own hand. She also finds that her mentor has left a flash drive labeled with his nickname for her. It’s the first in a series of increasingly confounding clues that will lead Katherine from London to Lake Bolsena, a site of archeological mystery set deep on a secluded Italian island. There, with the help of Bruce’s old friend, enigmatic financier Jethro Blake, Katherine uncovers a startling secret.

Now, caught in the middle of a dark and dangerous game, Katherine and Jethro must delve into the heart of an ancient civilization and expose a conspiracy long buried by history. Can she stop a thousand-year-old plot – before its bloody final rite is carried out?”

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