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Elisabetta Cametti was born in Gattinara in 1970. After her degree in Economic and Business at Bocconi University, Elisabetta has worked for 20 years in publishing industry. She started her career as general manager of De Agostini’s Collezionabili Department and now she has the same role in the international group Eaglemoss, in London.

Due to the growing success of her novels, the writer Elisabetta Cametti was crowned ‘the Lady of Italian thriller’ by the critics.

2023 is the year of Cametti’s new novel Una brava madre (Edizioni Piemme). A thriller that bones up on criminal minds and shows us that the evil is everywhere. Even here and now.

In 2013 the Italian writer published her debut thriller, the first novel of the K Series, I guardiani della storia (Giunti Editore). The book is an international bestseller and it was on sale in newsstands with the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, in November 2017. Nel mare del tempo (Giunti Editore) was released in 2014 and according to the survey of the Italian magazine Panorama it is one of the most popular books of the same year. Dove il destino non muore (Cairo Editore) was published in 2018. Katherine Sinclaire, the main character of K Series novels, is considered ‘the female counterpart of Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s novels’.

In 2015 she launched the 29 Series. The first book was the successful novel Il regista (Cairo Editore), while the second book, Caino (Cairo Editore), was published in 2016. Both works were highly appreciated by public opinion and critics.

In 2021 she came to prominence again as a writer with her first psychological thriller, Muori per me (Edizioni Piemme). The book has a fashion blogger as main character and keeps readers on the edge of their seats until the end.

To this day, Elisabetta Cametti’s books have been published in 12 countries.
Elisabetta talks about current events and crime news on TV. She is a TV commentator on national TV channel Rai 1 and on channels of the commercial broadcasting company Mediaset.

About her (Italian press)
La Stampa

‘The Lady of Italian thriller’.

Corriere della Sera
Cametti, Agatha Christie’s ‘niece’.
An engaging and enthralling book, written with great passion and where the reader is catapulted to a whirlwind of events. The story can make the reader devour the book, but also convey positive messages through the main character, Katherine Sinclaire.

Diva e Donna
With a very meticulous writing, Cametti creates a thriller with a rhythm that takes readers breath away.

Donna Moderna
Elisabetta Cametti succeeded in winning the title of ‘the Lady of Italian thriller’.

The female counterpart of Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s novels, is Katherine Sinclaire. She is blond, combative and armed with high heels.

29 hours seem like a few, but they seem like an eternity when they are the hours that separate you from death. Or from the revenge you dreamed for years. Or from the enigma left by a killer who spreads terror among the population. A masterful thriller featuring two strong women.

Io Donna
The ability to create characterizes characters who can adapt to variable life plans. Focus on the photojournalist Veronika Evans, the protagonist of Elisabetta Cametti’s thriller Caino, who flies to Greenland to run away from her past.

K – Nel mare del tempo, Elisabetta Cametti’s second mystery thriller, is one of the most popular books. Despite its more than 500 pages, it makes readers keep engaged until the end. Its plot was even compared to The Da Vinci Code.

The book has a fast-paced reading and revolves around the favourite number of real criminals. Cametti reminds us how some criminals kill for the first time at the age of 29 and that the average number of their victims is 29.

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