Elisabetta Cametti was born in Gattinara in 1970. After her degree in Economic and Business at Bocconi University Elisabetta has worked for 20 years in publishing industry. She started her career as general manager of De Agostini Collezionabili’s Department and now she has the same role in the international group Eaglemoss, in London.

To this day her books have been published in 12 countriesDove il destino non muore (Cairo Editore) is the third novel of the K Series, that was launched with the international bestseller The Guardians of History (Giunti 2013). It was also on sale in newspaper kiosks with the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport in November 2017. Nel mare del tempo, the second book of the K Series, was released in 2014 and according to the survey of the Italian magazine Panorama it is one of the most popular books of that year.
Due to the growing success of her novels Elisabetta Cametti is named “the Lady of Italian thriller” by the critics while Katherine Sinclaire, the main character of K Series novels, is considered “the female equivalent of Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s novels”. In 2015 she successfully introduced the 29 Series with Il regista (Cairo Editore). Caino, the second book of the 29 Series, was released in 2016.

Elisabetta talks about current and crime news on TV. She is a TV commentator on Rai 1 and on channels of commercial broadcasting company Mediaset. She also has a column, Giallo e Nero, on the weekly magazine Nuovo (Cairo Editore), where she answers readers’ questions about the most mysterious and disquieting criminal cases.


Corriere della Sera
Cametti, the “granddaughter” of Agatha Christie.
A captivating and enthralling book, which is capable to impart positive messages through the main character, Katherine Sinclaire. Due to her passionately writing, Elisabetta Cametti is able to lead readers to a turmoil of events and to make them devour the novel.

Diva e Donna
With a careful writing style, Cametti creates a thriller which makes readers travel at a surprising pace.

Donna Moderna
In a couple of years Elisabetta Cametti has managed to be named “the Lady of Italian thriller”. 

29 hours can seem a short lapse, but they feel like ages when they are the only hours you have before you die. They feel like ages also when they are the only hours that separate you from the revenge you have dreamed of for years. Or from the solution of the enigma left by a killer who spreads fear. The book is a masterful thriller with two very strong women.

Io Donna
The ability to create distinguishes behaviours that are able to conform to variable life plans. Focus on the photojournalist Veronica Evans: the main character of Elisabetta Cametti’s thriller “Caino” flies to Greenland to escape from her past.

La Stampa
The female equivalent of Robert Langdon, the hero of Dan Brown’s novels, is blonde, combative and wears high heels. Her name is Katherine Sinclaire.

One of the most popular books: K – Nel mare del tempo is the second mystery thriller of Elisabetta Cametti. Its plot, which was compared with The Da Vinci Code, wins readers heart despite its 500 pages.

It is an adrenaline-filled book, which revolves around the favorite number of real criminals. Cametti reminds readers of the importance of number 29: some criminals committed the first crime at the age of 29 and 29 is also the average number of their victims.

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